I am passionate about helping others improve their beauty and look their very best. Permanent makeup is both a creative and life changing service that allows me to utilize my skills to make a lasting impact on the lives of my clients. I also truly enjoy teaching permanent makeup and helping others become entrepreneurs. I focus my teaching on powder/ombre brows and lip blush tattoo.As a paramedical artist I have a rewarding and unique ability to help breast cancer survivors. I dedicated myself in perfecting the 3D areola tattoo so that I may help breast cancer survivors who have lost their nipples/areolas. With this fabulous form of art, I can give the illusion of a protruding nipple/areola. Scalp micro pigmentation is a form of tattooing on the scalp that gives the illusion of a fuller head of hair. This procedure is for anyone whose hair is thinning, has a bald spot, or has a receding hair line. Scalp micro pigmentation is also a great option for scars on the scalp that have caused loss of hair in that area. Below are all the tattooing services I offer.